4 Things to Compare When Deciding Between a Listing and a Direct Sale for Your Alaska Home

4 Things to Compare When Deciding Between a Listing and a Direct Sale for Your Anchorage Home

There are many processes and options the average home seller fails to acknowledge when it comes time to put their property on the market. Selling a home is easily one of the most consequential financial dealings of your life – the route you choose in which you sell your home directly impacts the convenience, the time it takes to sell, and ultimately how much money you end up netting once it’s all said and done. Figuring out what your bottom line is will help you decide which path is right for you.

Not every home is a good fit for the Alaska real estate market, and not every seller has the time, money, or interest in listing on the MLS. While it may not be your first consideration, for some homeowners, the benefits of a direct sale may outweigh those of a conventional listing. If you’ve decided it is time to sell, read on as we explore four things to compare when deciding between a traditional listing and a direct sale for your Alaska home.


The convenience of the sales method you use is something to consider when it comes time to list your Alaska home. When selling your home the traditional route, you’ll have to make the necessary repairs and renovations to put your best foot forward on the market. Most home buyers are looking for homes that are in ready-to-move-in condition – and if that’s not the status of the home you put on the market, the offers you receive are likely going to be insultingly low. On the other hand, when you sell directly to Anchorage Home Buyers, you don’t have to worry about the headache of doing repairs, or hiring a stager or photographer, because we buy homes as is. Once we’ve gone over all of your options, we can decide on a closing date that is most convenient for you.


It’s essential to compare the expenses that accompany each method when deciding between a listing and a direct sale for your Alaska home. Anchorage Home Buyers works fully transparently to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision. Listing with an agent, you’ll have to pay commissions and closing costs. In addition to that, it’s not uncommon for agents to promise you a certain amount on your home just for them to end up having it tied up on the market for months on end, all while you’re still having to pay the mortgage and taxes. On the other hand, there are no listing expenses should you decide to sell directly to Anchorage Home Buyers. There are no commissions or hidden fees, no marketing, and you won’t even pay closing costs.


As we mentioned previously, it’s not uncommon for agents to have your property tied up for months on end when you list your home traditionally. Consider how much time you have. Do you need to move within a few months due to unforeseen life changes? Perhaps you got a new job somewhere else, or maybe a family member is sick and needs your support. In circumstances like these where you need to sell quickly, listing the traditional route is not an advisable choice. If you need to sell quickly or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting for your home to sell, consider selling your property directly to Anchorage Home Buyers. We will work at your pace to make to the process quick and effortless.


If you decide you’d rather list your home with an agent, you should know that repairs and renovations aren’t the only things you need to worry about to make your house marketable. To really put your best foot forward, you’ll need to hire cleaners, stagers, and photographers. This is because stagers decorate the home in neutral colors and decor so that prospective buyers can really envision themselves living there. Skipping out on these marketing techniques will significantly reduce the amount you walk away with after closing. When you work with Anchorage Home Buyers, you don’t have to worry about taking all of these extra steps.

At Anchorage Home Buyers, we are local professionals who will help you compare all the relevant details when deciding between a listing and a direct sale for your Alaska home. Talk to one of our team members today about your home and circumstances without obligation. Our goal at Anchorage Home Buyers is to help you find solutions, offer convenience, and help you make the most profit on selling your Alaska home while meeting your needs. At Anchorage Home Buyers, you’ll work with a local full-service in-house team of industry specialists, including everything home sellers need to make the process quick and easy. Call Anchorage Home Buyers today at 907-331-4472.

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