Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions sellers like you often ask. If yours isn’t here, please call us at (907) 331-4472 or fill out our contact form for assistance.

1. Why should I choose Anchorage Home Buyers?

Trust and transparency are at the core of our offerings. We provide a clear breakdown of financial considerations, explaining our pricing rationale and anticipated profit. Committed to offering you the highest feasible payment, we prioritize integrity and respect, ensuring you receive an offer aligned with your goals.

2. What happens to my property after?

After purchase, we embark on the refurbishment process, collaborate with an agent for listing and selling, and reinvest the profit to assist more clients while enhancing neighborhood values.

3. How can I ensure that choosing your service is my best option?

Selecting an agent often involves a lengthy process, including repairs, inspections, and numerous home tours. In contrast, our approach appraises your situation, covers potential expenses, and facilitates a fair and expedited transaction. Whether your home is in good condition or not, our method can be a fantastic solution for a quick sale. Based on your unique circumstances, we will guide you to determine if partnering with an agent would be more advantageous.

4. Is cleaning necessary before selling to you?

Cleaning and repairs are unnecessary; we handle improvements post-purchase, simplifying your selling process.

5. How does your process operate?

We cut out the middlemen and buy your property directly with cash, no matter its condition or location. Our simple process involves analyzing the market, assessing your property, calculating repair costs, and adding a modest profit. This saves you from the costs and hassles of traditional methods.

6. How do you determine the price of my property?

We assess the after-repair value (ARV), estimate post-renovation market value, evaluate repair and refurbishment expenses, subtract selling costs, and propose a fair cash offer.

7. Is the price you offer fair?

Rest assured, we prioritize our reputation and integrity, standing by our commitment to a fair deal. Our transparent approach involves breaking down the offer through clear calculations, covering market value, repairs, rehabilitation, selling expenses, and a modest commission. This formula ensures you receive cash for your property while upholding our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

8. Is there an obligation after form submission?

Filling out the form doesn’t obligate you to work with us, and you can decide not to proceed at any point without incurring costs. We respect your choice and will guide you toward a suitable alternative if needed. Our earnings are solely derived from the profit following property acquisition and resale.

9. How can I sell my house fast for cash?

After assessing your property, we present a compelling offer, and within approximately 10 days, the deal can be finalized, providing you with cash.

10. Are you interested in buying properties in poor condition?

Yes, we buy houses needing repairs, providing a selling price comparable to traditional methods without the associated complexities.

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